Custom Netbox Dynamic Inventory Plugin for Ansible

December 16, 2018

In my sparetime i help a friend out automating some datacenter maintance stuff with Ansible!

He got a problem with the currenty netbox dynamic inventory in devel(pre 2.8) to be so slow and return to many vars he don’t need.

So if you know me i like to learn new stuff and sharpen some coding skills (My python is quite rusty!).

So here it is mostly 3-8 Hours depend how you define development work :-) and give a performance boost like over 9000% :-)

Its quite a simple dynamic inventory script, and i use the python libary ‘’ for it, because how likes to code some requests response stuff and read api documentation.

It is quite a opinionated simple version!

Read the in the Github Repo, don’t want to copy paste same stuff all over around :-)

And like always…

Improve, Automate, Rinse and Repeat!

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