New Ansible Module win_ad_kerberos_deleg for managing Kerberos Delegation in Active Directory Environments

November 11, 2017

On my Infrastructure as a Code Journey in the Company i wrote a simple Module for Managing Active Directory Kerberos Delegation.

Usaly you need it for like Reverse Proxying like Webapplication Proxy or Websites for Authentication Delegation.

You can grab it from my Github Repo under

Also pretty simple to work with…

- win_ad_kerberos_deleg:
    computer: "mycomputer"
      - "http/"
      - "host/mycomputer"

Hopefully someone was also in the need of this and find it :-)

Like, Watch, Pr, Fork it on Github!

If you want the module in Ansible itself, tell me, will work on it if ppl need it more often.

And like always…

Improve, Automate, Rinse and Repeat!

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