Its Me, David

I’m like the old-style IT Guy, only learning by doing, because back in the days there where barley any education for it.

Daytime Work

I’m currently working in a Institute of Education and Research as IT Engineer


information technology stuff for the Institute (do all the stuff where a network cable can be connected…).


Living in Austria with 2 Kids and a geeky wife (developer), yeah really nerdy life I know… :-)

Mostly I spend my free time working on open-source projects or trying out new technology, beside of a little Gaming(still have this habbit…)

My aim in my Life is to getting better, learning new technology’s or create them beside rise 2 childs and hopefully given them direction in to the technology side of our society.

Work Offer

Currently i’m quite happy with my Job as IT Guy for the Institute, but searching something more in the Field IT Automation / Devops / Cloud like a Site Reliability Engineering to grow into.

A Job with 100% Remote with flat hierarchy where i can live off would be awesome!